A disparate assortment of maven plugins

Module Description
io.earcam.maven.plugin.ramdisk Use ramdisk (tmpfs) for the build directory (target)
io.earcam.maven.plugin.netlify netlify.com integration: upload static content, free provider supporting HTTPS
io.earcam.maven.plugin.sitemap sitemaps.org integration; scalable, specification compliant
io.earcam.maven.plugin.site.search.offline Generate a Javascript search index from local content for static websites
io.earcam.maven.plugin.jigsaw minimal JPMS module generator

Not using Maven? Don’t despair, the underlying functionality of each plugin can be found in modules of the projects io.earcam.utilitarian and io.earcam.instrumental .

Note: the few available plugins are mostly maven site specific; so sweeping statements like “disparate assortment” and “veritable ménagerie” aren’t quite accurate.

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Version: 0.0.4. Last Published: 2018-11-25.

Earcam Maven Skin.