netlify integration: upload static content, free provider supporting HTTPS

Netlify is a company offering great services (IMO) for static-site hosting.

Of particular interest to maven users wanting their open-source projects’ websites:

  • Generous free tier; including HTTPS (easily with letsencrypt) and custom domains
  • Build integration; automation for web-facing SCMs, providing a build farm

The authors of this maven plugin are in no way affiliated with Netlify or any parent/partner organisation, however we have enjoyed, and continue to make use of, the free service. This plugin and related code exists simply to make life easier (selfish til shared).

To use, ensure the maven-site-plugin is configured to skipDeploy and that the serverId configured in the Netlify plugin is an existing server in ~/.m2/settings.xml


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Version: 0.0.4. Last Published: 2018-11-25.

Earcam Maven Skin.