Generate a Javascript search index from local content for static websites

Offline search (lunrjs index, autocomplete list and url-title-map) for static sites.


  • Configurable and extensible (though underlying API currently quite rough around the edges); pluggable crawler steps, tokenizer and even indexer.
  • Works for multi-module projects (those that correctly use the <distributionManagement> pom section)
  • Generates an autocomplete list
  • Generates a url-title-map (allowing presentation of the title in search results)
  • Includes a copy UI search script (should work with maven skins; reflow, MSB3 and - requires bootstrap and jquery)
  • Process HTML and PDFs
  • By default Javadoc and Xref generated content are minimally indexed to preserve index quality and minimize JSON size


  1. Does not support “snippet” highlighting - have experimented here, but performance issues ensue - future work to do this dynamically and lazily planned
  2. Does not handle building multiple search indices from projects containing multiple independent sites - the index will be generated in the root project declaring a reporting directory.
  3. Does not (yet) handle file formats other than HTML and PDF, although extensible with custom code

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Version: 0.0.4. Last Published: 2018-11-25.

Earcam Maven Skin.